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The Art of Makeup is an independently owned boutique school dedicated to education in the art, business, and techniques of professional makeup artistry.

The Art of Makeup’s training and education environment provides the necessary foundation to learn makeup artistry skills from successful working makeup artists current in fashion and makeup trends, film, television, stage, special effects and HD makeup. The Art of Makeup is located in the Southwest area of Portland, OR and is licensed with the Oregon Department of HECC (Higher Education Coordinating Commission).

Founded in 2012 by Los Angeles makeup artist and educator Celena Rubin who moved to the Northwest in 2011. As well as being an instructor, Celena also directs a team of instructors who specialize in different areas of makeup artistry. All instructors are successful working professionals and are highly regarded in the industry in their respective field of specialty. Instructors’ clients include production and media brands such as: Grimm, Portlandia, Adidas, Intel, Nike, People Magazine, Apple, Portland Bride & Groom Magazine, 20/20, Oregon Ballet Theater, Portland Opera and much more.


The Art of Makeup is nestled among the vibrant green mossy forests of Portland, Oregon. Oregon is beautiful. It is the state with one of the most diverse climates in all of the United States. Oregon has cool rain forests, deserts, ocean beaches and year round snow-covered mountains all within a 2 hour drive from The Art of Makeup. Portland is a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts set on two major rivers and near 3 volcanoes where you can choose between biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, or skiing, on the many trails and waterways in and around Portland. This attractive lush environment attracts and inspires filmmakers seeking a variety of outdoor landscapes or the architectural history in Portland, with houses and buildings from Victorian, Mid-century, or modern houses with distinctly Portland scenic views.

Portland has become a booming commercial, advertising, fashion, theater, and film production city, and it is why students come from all over to seek an education in the Northwest and often stay. Portland is an inspiring, diverse, colorful and unique city, and a perfect backdrop to a creative career such as makeup artistry.

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Along with Portland’s natural landscape, the city itself is full of diverse neighborhoods and a thriving cultural scene. Neighborhoods with long stretches of galleries, quaint coffee shops, restaurants, bars, chic stylish boutiques and elegant historic theaters. Portland is considered a vegan mecca, hub for craft beer aficionados, home of eclectic relaxed citizens and a huge sense of community and pride for local craftsmanship.

You’ll understand why the city’s tagline is “keep Portland weird” and “where the young go to retire”

Pacific Northwest's school of makeup artistry.