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The Art of Makeup in the News


April 10, 2019 – The Art of Makeup’s Celena Rubin was featured on “Woman Crush Wednesday” on KOIN6 – Portland’s CBS affiliate.  You can read the interview with news anchor Jennifer Hoff here and see the video from the broadcast below.



The Art of Makeup’s Celena Rubin and student Ellie Hayward were featured on KGW live in-studio with host Cassidy Quinn for a Holiday Makeup Challenge.

Lake Oswego Review

Career-track school opens in Mountain Park

The Northwest’s premiere school of makeup artistry has opened in Mountain Park. Owner Celena Rubin aims to provide training for people to work in film, television, theatrical and print advertising, as well as runway fashion makeup…more.


The Art of Makeup’s Celena Rubin and FX instructor, Thomas Surprenant, were interviewed by McKinzie Roth with KGW Television (NBC Portland), check out this great interview and get some fun tips too…

Vancouver Business Journal

Up Close With Celena Rubin

Current job: Owner, director and teacher at The Art of Makeup School, a career school for professional makeup artistry that trains students how to do makeup for fashion, bridal, advertising media, film and television production, special effects and stage performances.

Proudest professional moment: Passing…more

Fox KPTV Oregon

Art of Makeup’s Summer Makeup Camp Featured on Fox

The online story can be found here.

The Columbian

Makeup artists put down roots…

Hollywood veterans who call the Northwest home bring skills to magazine, school

If you’ve ever wanted monstrous bat ears, deadly feline fangs and wolflike facial fuzz, horribly gaping-but-painless wounds in your head, or maybe just a vividly sliced, oozing throat, Michael Key is your man.

Key has won two Emmy awards for his makeup work on the TV series “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” He has also worked on movies such as “Planet of the Apes,” “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull” and “Batman and Robin.” And he has launched Make-Up Artist Magazine and Key Publishing Group, as well as his industry’s only international trade show.

Today, the Camas makeup magician and industry maven will transform a nice, normal human being into some sort of creature from the Land of Oz at his friend Celena Rubin’s Art of Makeup Schoolmore

Make-Up Artist Magazine

Make-up Artist Celena Rubin Creates Change at Capitol

In 2013, make-up artist Celena Rubin fought state laws regarding the industry and won. In the state of Oregon, make-up artists were required to have an esthetic or cosmetology license in order to work. Seeing this as an unnecessary barrier, Rubin contacted her representatives and senators to make a change. Legislation for SB836, which exempts hair and make-up artists working in film, television or theater production from unnecessary and unrelated licensing requirements, was drafted and submitted, and passed unanimously in the house and senate….more

Make-Up Artist Magazine #103

Make-Up Artist Fights State Law – and Wins