Michael Key FX Demo Day at Art of Makeup


Imagine this. IMATS around 1998. Me, eighteen years ago, sprinting from room to room across the Pasadena Convention Center, not just because I didn’t want to miss a single lecture or demo from the top make-up artists in the industry, but also because I was too excited to walk between classrooms, barely able to sit still during the classes. I think it was only the second year of IMATS and I got to be there. I was the target audience that IMATS was made for. I had just completed more training in film make-up, and I was ready to pursue a full-time career as a make-up artist in the entertainment industry in Hollywood. And I was in the right place.

What Michael Key has done for me and thousands upon thousands of up and coming and working make-up artists throughout the world, is instill inspiration, and provide an in depth look into the career of a professional free-lance make-up artist. He has provided a platform for artists to share their work with others, create a community, provide supplies, training, and support. His industry trade publication, Make-Up Artist Magazine, has brought this knowledge right to people’s door steps. It’s a truly magical gift to provide inspiration to others and help them turn dreams into reality.


_MG_4593When I found out Michael Key’s headquarters were right here in Vancouver, WA, I couldn’t believe the coincidence. And only yesterday, was I gifted once again with his gift of inspiration. My school was licensed as a professional career school for Make-Up Artistry only two and a half years ago, and believe me, I still have big plans. I want to open an FX lab and teach an in-depth FX program to prepare students to do FX make-up on film, tv, and stage. And yesterday, Michael Key came to my school to provide a complimentary class in just this. He stood all day in front of our class teaching students how to apply foam latex appliances with invisible edges, paint, and blend to create a realistic character, and later remove it. He showed us how to cut, shape, dress, and hand lay facial hair and remove it. Guess what? I’m inspired. So was everyone else. I can’t wait to grow my school and offer more classes. Thank you Michael, for 18 years of inspiration and still counting!