Payment Plans & Financial Assistance

Direct Financing Payment Plans

The Art of Makeup is now offering tuition financing options to those needing payment assistance for any of our Certificate Programs. Approved applications will be awarded a contract and applicants will then be eligible to make payments over a select period of time until all obligations are met. Kits are not eligible for financing. All approved contracts are administered by an independent service provider.

How to Apply:

If you are interested to see what kind of financing payment plan terms you are qualified for, please email us and request our Application for Credit form.
After reviewing your application, if qualified, we will send you a contract with the terms that you are approved for. Completed applications must be returned no later than 45 days prior to the start date of the Certificate Program you wish to enroll. All financing policies are in compliance with the Truth In Lending Act (TILA).

Credit Union & Bank Loans

Personal loans are available at private institutions such as Columbia Credit Union. Columbia Credit Union offers a variety of low-interest long-term personal loans (depending on what you are qualified for). They are more flexible to deal with, rather than, for example, a bigger financial or banking institution. This kind of loan would exclusively be directly between the student/borrower and Columbia CU and any money borrowed would cover ALL costs (tuition AND kits). These loans are popular because you can get the monthly payments down to whatever you are comfortable with. You can also add a co-signer for easy qualification. Art of Makeup has an application and a specific Columbia representative that is eager to help. Please email us for additional details.

If you are Multnomah County (Oregon) resident you can also try Trailhead Credit Union. The “Signature Personal Loan” is a good place to start.

Check with your banking institution for more personal loan information and rates.

Community Assistance

MercyCorpsNW is located in downtown Portland and serves OR and WA. They are a community-based service offering a variety of resources to emerging entrepreneurs that don’t have access to traditional business financing or related resources. They are a great source for those looking to kick-start or grow a new profession. Also check out the Women’s Resource Center, where resources are provided to entrepreneurial women seeking to build and/or grow their businesses (including freelance careers).

Crowdfunding & Peer to Peer Education Loans

There are several crowdfunding platforms out there. GoFundMe is among the most popular. See how you can easily raise funds online to pay for your tuition, supplies, and more: GoFundMe: Education Schools Learning.

The Art of Makeup is unable to accept government or military financial aid programs at this time.