I was just informed that the film I posted to be shot this month in Spokane, WA with contact Antonius is not planning to abide by CDC production safety regulations for COVID, which probably tells us a lot about the rest of the production.  I deleted it from my job board and I would not recommend anyone pursue the position.

This is a good reminder to all of you that just because I post something on the job board does not mean I know the person or much about the production.  It is up to you to pursue all jobs cautiously, and make sure your safety comes first.  Do your online research, meetings, interviews, and anything else you can think of to make the best decision about taking any job (not just ones I post).  Anyone can say they are doing a photo shoot or making a movie.  Feel free to always reach out to me if anything ever seems questionable, and I am always happy to help make a decision.

Best Wishes, Celena

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