Stage Makeup Artist

This theater production is looking for someone who can create prosthetics and build wigs! If you think you can do this, you are welcome to use our FX lab and oven to make your pieces. It may still be too advanced for you, but wanted to give you the opportunity just in case. You can always see if you can intern or assist whoever they hire. Let me know if you end up working on this. Here’s the email:


I am serving as the production coordinator for Adroit Maneuvers, an independent theatre production slated to open July 6.
We are in search of an experience theatrical makeup, wig and special effect/prosthetic designer. This is a paying position. Must be able to
work on a complex show and design, build and create prosthetics, build and create wigs.

If you have anyone connected with your school who is qualified and interested, please advise ASAP. Thanks!

Brenda Hubbard
Pre-Production Coordinator

Brenda Hubbard

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