Special FX Assistant/Actress

This should be fun! I kinda want to do it…

Hi Art of Make-Up – 

My name is Nick Palumbo. I’m a filmmaker living and working out of Los Angeles. However right now I’m up in Portland, Oregon, finishing the last few scenes on our new feature indie horror film. 

We’re looking to hire a female special effect assistant for a 2-day shoot on – Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th, 2017. We have our main F/X guy (who does all my films) and he needs a hand on these dates. S

he does not need a ton of experience, but some for sure. Also, if possible, were looking for the F/X assistant – to double as an actress for a scene – so the F/X assistant must be a female. (no dialogue – just action) – 

She just has too be agile and thin – (outfit). No acting experience necessary.

Contact: Nick Palumbo palumbofilm@gmail.com



Fright Flix Productions, Inc


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