Runway Fashion Show Makeup

The Art of Makeup has been invited to join the team of artists this year doing makeup for Portland Fashion Week! Fashion shows in Portland don’t pay (unfortunately) so this is an opportunity for those of you seeking experience working on a fashion show, credit for your resume, and pictures for your social media and portfolio.

They are looking for 3 artists from AofM per day for all 5 days. You don’t have to make it to all 5 days to participate. If you’d like to participate, please let me know which day you can commit to. Please do not commit to your day if there is any chance that you will have to cancel. If you do commit and have an emergency, you will be expected to replace yourself with someone with equal skill level before you notify me that you are cancelling. This is what is expected in the industry and with any job I post on the job board. I expect everyone to act responsibly and with complete professionalism even if you are not getting paid. This will reflect on your reputation and mine. Ok, enough with the lecture…here’s the details!

It’s still coming together, but this is what I have so far…

The shows are Oct 3-7th. You will be provided Pacifica makeup that you can use for all of your models on Oct 3-6th which will be mostly natural looks with a bit of a smoky eye. You are welcome to supplement the makeup with your own products. On Oct 7th it will be Sugar Skull makeup and the makeup artists will be part of the performance, in front of the stage for the audience to watch the transformation. It is an all day social event on Sunday.

The hours are:

Oct 3: 3pm-10pm

Oct 4: 4pm – 10pm

Oct 5: 4pm – 10pm

Oct 6: 4pm-10pm

Oct 7: 11am-10pm

The end times might be a little shorter, so this is if you want to hang out and socialize. Shows all start at 8pm and last 30 min. I think you may be able to leave right after the show if you need to. Let me know if you want to do it and which day and I’ll give you more details and updates. I think it’s in SE Portland, but not sure, might be at Aloft Hotel in Cascade Station near airport. You’ll get tickets to the first show, light dinner each night, pictures and a video. Makeup should be provided for sugar skull makeup too.


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