Prom Makeup

We are doing another OMSI After Dark event, this one called Promsi Saturday Feb 9th 6pm-10pm .

Since it is prom themed, we are looking for a couple of volunteers that want to come do quick mini “prom” makeovers on attendees and get free admission to this event. We will provide makeup. These looks do NOT need to be conventional “prom” makeup, but rather fun, creative, campy OMSI science nerds dressing up for prom looks!  If you can hang out at the table on and off for a couple of hours doing makeup and taking breaks to run around and explore, that would be fantastic! You do not need to stay till the end and you will have plenty of time to enjoy the event! It is a 21 and over event, but as long as you are working with us, you can still get in if you are under 21 (but you can’t drink alcohol, of course). I however, will be out of town during this event, so you will be hanging out with John and people might ask you about the school too.  Please let me know if you are interested in helping out.  Here is the description from OMSI:

Tease your hair to the heavens, take an awkward photo booth picture with your date and make a toast with a glass of pre-spiked punch at Prom-si After Dark! 

Shoot off water rockets, concoct chemical creations, and explore the wonders of OMSI with no kids in sight! Enjoy a glass of wine while learning about robots, tornados, or fossils. Talk to a brewer about the science behind beer, or sample products from local artisans.

All that and more with OMSI After Dark, a night at the museum for the 21-and-over crowd filled with food, drink, and science fun!

21+ Only | ID’s Required

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