Impt info: Opera Makeup

Here is more info on volunteering for the PSU Opera. Bring your brushes. No makeup needed. New call times listed below. You don’t have to be available for every show. You can volunteer for as little as one, or as much as all of them. Tomorrow night is the final dress rehearsal and performances start on Thursday. Please contact BOTH ME AND PAT to let us know when you are available to volunteer. She can take up to 4 people a night, so any day you want should be available. I will be helping to coordinate this, so please copy me on your email to Pat. You will only be needed 2-2 1/2 hrs. Wednesday night you can stay and watch the show.

Me – and

Pat Arnold –

There is no parking, but there is free parking in the PSU parking lot only on Sundays. I don’t know where the lot is.

Directions: The theater is located on the corner of Main and Broadway at Lincoln Hall. Enter the double doors on Broadway, do down the stairs to the elevator and push #1 which will then go up. After exiting, turn right to the stage door and to the female dressing room.

4/20 Final dress rehearsal Makeup call time 5pm, show starts at 7pm.

4/22 Opening night  M/U call time is 5:30pm, show at 7:30pm

4/23 M/U 5:30, show at 7:30

4/24 M/U 1pm, show at 3pm

4/29 M/U 5:30, show at 7:30pm

4/30 M/U 5:30, show at 7:30

5/1 Last Show M/U 1pm, show at 3pm

This sounds like a fun opportunity! I might do tomorrow night and maybe Sunday. Let me and Pat know if you can make it!


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