Makeup tomorrow!

This is really last minute, but maybe he hasn’t found someone yet for tomorrow. Could be interesting and something good for your reel if you are free. He only needs you for 4 hours. Good experience working on set. If he’s already covered then he will have your info for next time.


I’m shooting test video for an experimental music video. The video narrative follows the journey of its protagonist from her futuristic crystalline home-world to planet Earth.

We are looking for a make-up artist who is available this Saturday, September 2nd for about 4 hours, around 1:30-5:30pm, to work on one woman’s make-up. The look is a futuristic transdimensional exotic humanoid alien. No special effects or prosthetic.

We’ll be shooting most of the test indoors on a white screen, and if time allows, we’ll be stepping outside to shoot some footage surrounded by the woods in the band’s backyard.

The shoot will be located in Beavercreek, CA

We are shooting the full video in February or March, so if things work out, we would want to pay you to work for a few days during that shoot.

I know you are only interested in paid gigs. The band is hoping to find someone to do a test and then hire that person out to do the shoot next year. If you’re not up for that, let me know how much you would charge and I will ask the band if they are willing to foot the bill.

Thank you,

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