Makeup & FX

Here is a great on set learning experience, and a credit for your resume.  Please contact me to receive her contact info and shooting schedule.



I am looking for someone to help me do special effects makeup for the characters in my film. I have attached a list of characters and their features that I have in mind.

There are going to be two separate shoots, one with one character (fish girl) that needs makeup and the second shoot being an office scene with four characters in need of various amounts of makeup, one main character and three extras.

I plan on filming most likely later in the day on Saturday (29th) for the office scene (five characters) at the college (Mt. Hood CC). The shoot for the fish girl for sure will take place at 19027 NE Couch Ln Portland on Thursday the 27th at 11:30 am.

Here is a synopsis of my film:

A young man working as a delivery boy is lonely and dreads his job as he delivers to crummy rude people everyday, no one in his life seems to be glad to him. One day he hands off a package when the customer tells him to wait a moment before going off to his next delivery. The next thing the delivery boy knows he is sucked into the very package he just delivered, he lands in a new universe where all the people are monsters, aliens, creatures of all sorts. The first place in the universe he lands is an office space where a manager is already there to greet him and give him an orientation, in this world he is still a delivery boy. He then goes off to deliver just like before but door to door there are friendly monsters that smile when they open the door. At the end of the day he realizes he likes this new wild life he’s got.

The fish girl is a monster who opens up the door to receive a package. The office scene goes from the manager greeting the main character, the two of them going down a hallway and then stopping at an elevator and then some extras walk out of the elevator. One or Two extras will be in the background as they get closer to the elevator.

I will probably need 1-2 artists for the office scene, and maybe 1 for the fish girl.

I’ve never worked with makeup artists before so thank you for any and all info or help I can get.


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