makeup and fx needed

Astrapi Productions



We are looking for a few talented individuals to join our team. We are attempting to begin a new genre of media that requires a fair amount of cosmetics as well as special effects applications. We are starting the process in an unconventional way as to secure long term funding. We will be shooting a promotional piece to illustrate our abilities as a team. These first shoots will be on location as well as in studio. We will cover all costs associated with the production of these promotional shoots… with the intention to secure production costs including long term pay. If this is a collaboration you could be interested in… please feel free to contact me at the email address below. We will be asking for you to sign a non-disclosure agreement before we will divulge the content of our project as there are copyrighted materials that must be protected. Any questions you have I will be happy to answer.


Thank you for your consideration.


Astrapi Productions

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