Makeup artists needed

We still need volunteers for tomorrow! So far only 2 people have volunteered and there’s 14 women. If you have the time please join us!

Art of Makeup graduates have been asked to participate in a very special event to support and nurture 14 recovering women who will be gathering in Portland from all over the country to attend the film premier of a documentary telling their stories of when they had a life of human trafficking in the sex trade. This screening will be taking place this Monday night Oct 2nd at the Portland Armory at 6pm. Hair and makeup will be taking place at a hotel in Portland from 12pm-4pm. We will only be doing makeup. I will be there volunteering my time as well. Those who volunteer will be invited to attend the screening as well. I will be going to that too.

Please let me know if you are interested and available in volunteering and also let me know if you want to see the documentary. You can volunteer without seeing the film but she needs to know if you plan on attending. You can let me know and I’ll pass on your info. I look forward to collaborating with my graduates on using our skills for the higher good! You can see a snippet of the doc at:

PASSWORD: brew2017

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