Makeup Artist needed

Here is an exciting new job opportunity in the Ochoco National Forest outside of Bend, Oregon. Great for someone who needs experience working on a film. Must have FX and beauty makeup training, and feel confident in both.  All meals and accommodations paid as well as supplies, but there is no additional pay, just a great learning experience in a beautiful place.  See what it’s like to work on location! Here is the email below. If you are interested, please contact her directly. Let me know if you get it! Good luck!

“I am currently producing a short film that we plan to film at the end of September (25-29, includes travel dates) in the Ochoco National Forest. We are looking for a makeup artist that has some experience with wounds and beauty makeup.  you might have some students you could send our way that have finished the film program.

We’re funding this ourselves so the budget is low, no pay. But we could cover kit costs and travel expenses for the shoot. Let me know if you’d have anyone we may want to reach out to in the next week.
Just a little backstory on us: Marc and I moved out to Portland from Brooklyn about 3 years ago. Once here we started collaborating and creating projects together. You can see some of our work on our website Fort Ripper. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you so much for your help.

We will be renting a cabin and an RV. It’s a remote location (Ochoco National Forest) . Also meals will be provided on set. “



Karina Ripper <>


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