makeup artist

If you are interested in giving one on one instructional lessons, please read on and contact Erica!

“I am wondering if you have recent graduates who have gone through this course (Corrective Beauty) that you might recommend for some one-one practice/instructional time? I am in the Portland area.

I am 49 and am looking to better understand how I can use makeup (rather than a face lift) for corrective and sculpting applications.  I would like to find someone with experience to help me learn how to apply my own makeup to get the desired anti-aging effects I want both in day to day makeup wearing and for film and vid shoots. I would be happy to offer a student or recent grad compensation to assist me in this process. I have had terrible luck with “experts” at the makeup counters and want someone who can take the time to truly customize to my specific needs.”

Please feel feee to pass on my contact info if you think of students you have had that would be a good fit for me, or send me their contact info.

Erica Jayasuriya


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