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Here’s an email (and call) I received for a student job. This is for a big brand, but she wouldn’t say who, and since it’s for a test I’m guessing it might lead to a paid job. Good luck! Celena

Hi there,

I’m Meggan, a producer here at Dwightly. 

We have a small production test shoot (1-3 actors) coming up on Tuesday the 23rd and we’re hoping to work with one of your students. The look should be less styled & more natural—definitely not overproduced. Looking for more “real life,” active lifestyle shots.

Will need light hair-probably pony tail and easy styles, men and women

Full day – includes good food!

Though the opportunity is unpaid, it will look great on a resume and provide valuable on-set experience. 

Please send along resumes/samples of work of those interested 🙂



meggan kaiser | dwightly 

story agency in portland, oregon


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