Hair and makeup artist

Hello! My name is Paul Winkels, and I’m a film/TV producer out of Minnesota. I am traveling with a production company next week to shoot 9 short “vignettes” for U.S. Bank from Monday the 3rd through Wednesday the 5th. We’re looking for an HMU artist to help us on those three days. The talent for the whole project is a mom, dad, and three small daughters ages 6-10. We also have two college aged students, and a friend of the mom. There are typically only 2 of these principal actors in an individual vignette. All the looks would be “natural”, happening in every day settings. Nothing too dressy or flashy.

Rate is $200 plus $50 kit rental per day. Expect about a 10 hour day. Flat rate, no over time pay. Contact Paul Winkels at:

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