Gory FX Makeup needed

The director’s name is Jamie Siebert. You can find him on IMDB but his only credits are for acting and voiceover.  He is new at creating films.  He said he’s happy to talk to anyone interested to answer any questions. His cell is 360-936-2651. The production coordinator is Kendra Coppenrath IG: kendra_raw. You can also DM her or email her at the email address below. Let me know if you will be working on it! He invited me to come watch the shoot and I would love to, so keep me in the loop please. Good luck! 

From: Know Thyself <knowthyself.prod@gmail.com>

Hello Celena!

 As discussed we are looking for a special effects artist to help us on our independent thriller/horror feature film that is currently in progress!

 LOGLINE:  A cannibalistic serial killer gets his plans interrupted when he crosses paths with an ex-detective and her friends.

The areas and dates we are looking for creative assistance are:

 •Excessive stab wounds (2/21/2021)

•Cutting out heart (2/21/2021)

•Throat slit (TBD)

•Strangling (TBD)

•Amputation of leg and arm with chain saw (we have possession of the prosthetics) (2/27 and 2/28/2021)

•Amputation of hand with knife (we have possession of the prosthetic)

(3/6 and 3/7/2021)

 The scenes listed are being shot on the weekends.  

If the candidate(s) show promising abilities and has suggestions they want to add to a scene we will consider incorporating their ideas into the film. 

We believe this is an amazing opportunity for the candidate(s), because they are getting a chance to share their talents and skills while they are still in school!

As a bonus for participating with us on the film, the candidate(s) will be provided a reel of their work from the movie!

 We look forward to working with you and the selected candidate(s).



Know Thyself Productions



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