FX Makeup artist needed

It is volunteer based but please feel free to ask about kit fee compensation and if meals are provided.


We’re competing in the Guignolfest event:

We’ve got a full team and are ready to go and this will be our 4th year competing.

If you’re not familiar with Guignolfest, it’s a contest similar to the 48hr
film fest, but a lot more fun (imo).  We draw a horror sub-genre on Fri Oct
18th, and then have 72 hours to turn in a finished film.  It’s intense but a
lot of fun.  We’ve managed to turn in a finished film all three years.

What we’re looking for is someone who can come in and handle the makeup.
There may be some need for traditional makeup, but mainly it will be fx.
It’s difficult to know exactly what we’ll need, because we could draw
something like zombie or vampire, which would have particular needs, but
we’re planning on doing some cool shoots like someone getting sliced in
half, de-capitation, impaled, hit by a car, and possibly others.  We’ve got
some very cool props to support this stuff, including a squib for shooting
lots of blood.  So we’d be looking to partner with a make-up artist to
tailor this stuff to their skills and interests.


We’ll be meeting at the kickoff meeting Fri the 18th, it’s usually at 8 or
9pm or so at night. (optional)

Sat 7am start time with potential to shoot until midnight. (the fx shots would be filmed early in the day, so you wouldn’t have to be on set the full day)

Sun -shoot in the afternoon and wrap sometime early to mid-afternoon

Then a week or so later, we meet as a team and watch it being played at the
screening in a theater!  It’s a blast!

Let me know if you’d like to chat about it, or have any questions.



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