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I am Ed Roberts, founder and Co-Director of the Nightmare Factory at the Oregon School for the Deaf. I am looking for a few makeup students that might want to help out at our haunt. Let me explain….

The Nightmare Factory is the longest running haunt in Oregon/Washington. Our program is run by volunteers and and our students. The Nightmare factory is our schools primary fund raise, 31 years and counting, and a CTE like program, where we teach our students how to run a “business” in hopes that they can take the skills learned and use them in the future.

Our makeup team is made up of locals and students that have a passion for makeup. One of my former volunteers has enrolled at AoM, so proud of her!

Here’s what I can offer, if any of your students are at all interested.

We provide makeup

We provide silicone if desired

We can provide brushes and sponges

We have air lines at most of our work stations

No sign skills are needed, we have staff at the haunt at all times to assist

We can write letters of appreciation for their time

We provide dinner most nights we are open to all volunteers

Volunteers can receive two comp tickets to our haunt

Our haunt runs weekends in October. Your students can choose what nights they want to help. They will work with me, I am one of two lead makeup artists.

We can arrange a time in the next week weeks for those that might be interested in meeting me, and taking a look at the haunt and seeing our makeup room.

If anyone from the school would like to take a tour of our haunt, and would like to learn more, please let me know so I can arrange a time to meet at the haunt.


Ed Roberts


999 Locust Street NE

Salem Oregon 97302




Celena Rubin

The Art of Makeup School

IG:@aomschool  www.instagram.com/aomschool




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