FX Film makeup

I’m looking for an SFX Makeup Assistant for 11/3–11/5 for an indie horror film shooting in Portland.  I figured you might have a recent graduate you could suggest who knows her way around wound/injury prosthetics. The artist needing assistance on this film is Jerami Cruise.

It pays $200 per day. Here’s a few requirements: it must be a woman as almost all talent is female and some will be nude/partially unclothed. She must be local and she must be able to handle basic prosthetics on/off as well as basic knowledge of monster makeup and fashion makeup. It will be mostly wounds, injury prosthetics, lots of fake blood cleanup, some burning and bludgeoning effects, etc. 

Thanks in advance for any direction you might be able to point me in! Feel free to forward this if you prefer not to act as a middleman.


Sarah Lombardi

c: (503) 974-6369

e: Lom.917@gmail.com


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