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Exciting opportunity to work on a 4 day commercial shoot! You will need to negotiate your rate, but this is a low budget shoot. I suggest asking what their budget is, and if she won’t tell you then maybe starting at $250 for a half day plus gas, plus over time if it’s over 6 hours (full day rate would be double or you can divide up your 1/2 day rate and quote an hourly rate. If it’s lower than $250, ask for a kit rental fee of $25 a day for 1/2 day rate. Here’s the info. Good luck! Let me know if you got the job and if you happen to grab any snapshots of you doing your job (without giving away commercial secrets that you could get sued for), send them my way!

Good morning!

My name is Eva and I am a producer for Valadrian Creative and Consulting.  We need to hire a makeup artist for four days of shooting next week. 

There would be four days of shooting total, three in Portland (July 24th, 27th, and 30th), and one in Salem (July 25th).  We would reimburse for the gas expense to and from Salem. 

The days would be half days, not to exceed 5/6 hours.  Just for context, we are a production company shooting local television commercials in Spanish.  

Aside from basic, on-camera makeup, we have a few special effects needs:

-Tired-looking, without the gore (no prosthetics) zombie face makeup for one actor (something like this:)

-1950’s hair and makeup for one woman and three men (something like this:)

-We need to age one actor from young to older man

Let me know if you are interested and available these days, and what your half-day, full-day, and hourly rates are.

Thank you so much!  Let me know if you have any additional questions or need more information, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,


Eva Valadrian / Producer
 / 503.880.3068

Valadrian Creative & Consulting 


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