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This is William Whitley from INWYT, i’m the producing a feature film titled Karen Doesn’t Dream (or KDD). And we’re currently looking for a MU artist for the project which will be shot June 25th-July 30th.

Karen Doesn’t Dream, is a psychological thriller in the vain of Nightcrawler and Lost Highway! The story follows an insomniac named Karen who lives on the Oregon Coast in the year 2003. Her world spirals downward when she discovers a collection of VHS tapes of people unknowingly being filmed while sleeping. Karen  can’t help but become entranced by the tapes. As Karen runs out of tapes and her insomnia escalates, she finds herself breaking into people’s homes to watch them sleep, until something goes terribly wrong! This psychological thriller is an exceptionally original piece written by PSU Screenwriting student Cody Dean and Directed by Zach Huckaby!

KDD is a project that will involve over 100 students in multiple areas of study. The project could be a priceless opportunity for you and will allow you to add a feature film to your resume!

I would love to open a discussion about bringing you on as our make-up designer. 

So far our creative department heads are as follows:

Director: Zach Huckaby

Director of Photography:  Tafadzwa Nemarundwe

Production Designer: Shann Macomb

Sound Mixer: Erik Fox

Costume Designer: Rheid Heska-McJanet

Make-Up Designer: Pending

As I stated earlier we’ll be filming the Production from June 25th-July 30th with all interiors being filmed in the Portland Area, and all exteriors being shot in Seaside OR. (Lodging will be provided in Seaside.)

We’re looking at a cast of 20 people with standard screen MU and another 20 featured extras that will only need a light powder to prevent shine. The script takes place over the course of 5 non-consecutive days. And there is only one practical make-up FX scene with blood. (A woman is lying on the ground unconscious with blood coming from her head.)

We are making the entire project on a micro budget, and luckily all Camera and GE gear is provided by PSUTV. Sadly, because of our budget, we’ll only be able to supply you with a small kit-fee of $225 for the entire project.

Below is a link to our Facebook page and our proof of Concept Video for Karen Doesn’t Dream! I highly encourage you to take a look both and see what we’re doing!

Project Facebook Page: esntDreamFilm/?refid=52&__tn__ =%2As

Proof of Concept Video: v=TuD4fnD1SjM

Let me know if this is something you’d be interested in!

Email me if you have Questions 

Will Whitley

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