film makeup needed tomorrow morning!


My name is Sami, I’m the Producer/Director for a short film this weekend’s 48 Hour Film Project and I was referred to contact this email through an fb group that one of my crew members posted. Our makeup artist unfortunately had to drop out today so we are in search of a replacement for our shoot tomorrow, Saturday. 

If possible, I’d love this to be TFP. The teams of 48 hour film project (internationally) don’t usually have any monetary exchange and we have incurred costs already ensuring the cast with be fueled with substance along with donations. Everyone involved will get a film credit, plus any companies involved will have a logo in the film credits along with any special thanks posts on social media.

date: saturday july 28th

time: call time between 9 and 10am, ready to pack up and leave around 10. 

needs: we dont need full face makeup for everyone, but more of a touch up for the main actors (about 4 or 5 of them) to ensure evenness. Possibility we’ll need dramatic, glam, horror, and even some dark colors for potential bruises. 

We dont actually have a genre yet so it’s hard to say what the makeup will need to look like. All teams draw the genre tonight, friday, at the kickoff event. 

Here is my company:, we are a small business in pdx who focuses on brand development through visual art and cinematic productions. We’d be so utterly grateful if you’d be interested in helping our project out!

Any questions let me know, feel free to call or text me at the number below. 

Much love.

Sami Sattva

CoFounder, Creative Director


Lambda Lion

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