Film Makeup & Hair positions

I am looking for someone who is strong in hair to do hair for this feature as well as someone who can do both hair and makeup for this Los Angeles production company shooting in our area.  This is a great opportunity to work with a top director!  Please let me know if you can commit to this 4 week feature and what position you are interested in.


We’re crewing up for a feature that is shooting in the area in Feb/March. We’re looking for a hair/makeup team. 

 We’re a lower budget indie feature, also nonunion… 

 The script is really incredible – it was written and will be directed by Ben Epstein. He did a TV series in Portland called, IN THE VAULT. Ben is former writing partners with Oscar winner, Graham Moore (who wrote IMITATION GAME). Graham helped develop the script and is serving as an Executive Producer.

The crew rates across the board are $12.50/hour. That being said, we guarantee 14 hours a day, even if it’s only an 8 hour prep day or 12 hour set day, etc. So, basically, it’s $225/day flat. If we go over 14 hours on a day (which we can’t do, since we’re so low budget), the rate would be at 2x.

we’ll be downtown Portland the final week of shooting and in Sherwood, Newberg  for the other 3 weeks.

 Our dates are Feb 11th through March 7th. 4 weeks (5 day weeks). Each week will be Tues – Sat. Call times will be early at the start of the week and late towards the end of the week.

Our resources are limited, but we’ll make up for that with positive energy and good vibes… 🙂

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