Film Makeup Artist

Brett King is the filmmaker for this PSU student film seeking a makeup artist to do hair, makeup and wardrobe. Please contact Karri Anne Wheeler with questions or if you are interested. Please also let me know if you got the job, and please remember to share with me and screenings, links to online trailers, finished films, send snapshots of you working, as this makes me very happy and I’m also hoping to do some blogs sharing student experiences. This sounds fun and a great learning experience in a non-threatening environment, so have fun!

The shoot dates are to be between May 18th and 22nd. There is a very small budget for everything. There is a budget of $70 for wardrobe. Makeup and hair will be simple and will be more of keeping things consistent. The main character will need to look tired, and there is a scene where he is having a nightmare and will need to look sweaty. 

Costumes will be actors’ personal wardrobe and making sure it’s a match.

For the beast – He says it would be nice to find someone to sew, if need be. The beast will be a type of shadow being and won’t be super detailed. I’ve attached some pictures of ideas he had in mind. In addition, whatever the artist creates can be kept by them after the film to have and reuse however they wish. They may also keep any leftover materials. He says that the idea is that the creature will embody feelings of panic and dread. It will be in shadow, but seeing the figure in the background will undoubtedly make the viewers know that it is evil.

The positions won’t be paid, but each person will receive credit in the film. The filmmaker is also planning on submitting this film into festivals in the future.

Please let me know if there is anything else that might be needed? Our genuine gratitude to you and your students for this collaboration! Thank you so much!


Karri Anne Wheeler

Actress/Production Assistant

(503) 806-0839

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