Film makeup artist

Here is an exciting opportunity to work in film! Please contact Ruth directly, right away if you are interested. Please read all the info below to see what she is looking for. Good luck!

Ruth Witteried

July 16, 17 and 18 in West Linn, OR and Oregon City. It is a very small budgeted film and pay scale is being determined, but it is a chance to have their work associated with some real professionals (Ted Rooney, Randall Jahnson) and to have it screened in front of Hollywood film pros at the 2016 Willamette Writers Conference and Portland Film Festival.

I am looking for someone who can do hair and makeup on an upcoming Portland shoot. We have one primary actor (male) and five supporting cast members on what we anticipate will be 2-3 days of production.

Additionally, we need someone who is talented in creating realistic burn wounds for our lead actor.

Willamette Writers is a nonprofit and the short film we’re shooting is the result of our 2016 FiLMLaB Contest–the writer with the best short script gets it made on our dime. Our goal is to give aspiring screenwriters on the job training in the real word of professional screenwriting and filmmaking.

Best wishes,

Ruth Witteried
Visual Media Director
Willamette Writers

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