Film makeup artist

Makeup artist needed for short film.

Non-Profit SAG/AFTRA BLM Art Passion Project. Hours are from about 9am – 7pm

No pay, but $25 kit rental fee and meals included.  If you have a long drive, they will cover gas too. Shoot in Portland. Call, email or text if you are available and interested!

There will be mostly touch up and shine control. On July 5th, we will have 4 white actors and 1 black actor. Although, we will be working with 4 black actors on this production in August. There will be 4 dates in total for production. We are working with top A-List actors/acting teachers in Portland, with credits on Seinfeld, Grimm, Jason Rising (released Aug. 13), and many more. We will be posting it on IMDB and be entering in Sundance and other film festivals, as well as posting on free public broadcasting venues in the future.

Strictly following COVID-19 guidelines, sanitary and safety protocols

Professional production

NDA is required


Christopher Best 



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