film makeup artist

Great opportunity to work as a key makeup artist on a feature film! On the job training, no pay, but expenses paid and food plus connections and experience. This is a good start! Let me know if you got it!

The shoot will be from June 20th-30th. There are prosthetics required for two characters. One of the characters will only need prosthetics for one day of the shoot. The other will need prosthetics for two days of the shoot. The other members of the cast will have fairly natural makeup. The vibe of the film is early Tim Burton meets ‘Slacker’. We would ideally like to have a MUA on set for every day of the shoot. They don’t need to be there all day except for the three prosthetic days in case prosthetics fall off. 

I will be providing the prosthetics and I have spirit gum and spirit gum remover. I am not sure if these are the correct adhesives so prosthetics. If another type is needed, I would be happy to purchase it to have on set. Unfortunately, I don’t have a kit rental fee to cover supplies but am happy to offer $25/day to cover supplies. 

Please have students contact me with links to their work via email at if they are interested. We are hoping to lock down a MUA by Thursday of this week.

Thank you very much for your help!


Nicole Daddona <>

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