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Hi-I know you are probably tired of seeing posts for no pay film jobs, but this looks interesting. The director’s work looks good and has been seen in film festivals all over the world. You can click on the link below to see. This might be a good opportunity to make some good relationships in the fashion and film industry while creating a nice piece for your reel. Good luck! Let me know if you are doing it, and don’t forget to show me when it’s done please!



I am producing a small film project with a local director named Leah Brown. It’s a short, fashion film (for the local jewelry designer Another Feather). I’m looking for hair/make-up people who might be willing to work on a pro-bono project for the experience/exposure. 

We will be pitching this film to high brow fashion film festivals, websites, magazine etc.. and the client’s PR company will pitch to Japan Vogue, WWD,  and other fashion mags and sites to get the video and stills out there. 

The film and stills along with the new collection will also travel to NY fashion week, then Paris Fashion week, then Japan from September – November of this year, so we are hoping for a lot of press!

Please take a look at . Leah’s work here:



Robert D’Esposito

c: 503.358.5624

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