Sara Beukers, the head of the makeup dept for the Oregon Ballet Theater and the Portland Opera as well as many other theater productions nationwide, is looking for a volunteer to help her with a school fundraiser to do simple face painting. Makeup is provided but there is no pay. This is one of those opportunities that you take because you get to spend time assisting someone you hope to work with again. She is extremely experienced and talented at theater and film makeup and works non-stop on plays and TV shows. A great connection! I’ve attached a sample of designs from last year. Please contact her if you are interested at sarabeukers@gmail.com

Here is her email:

Hi Celena, Do you have a student that would like to volunteer with me to face paint at a school fundraiser? March 22 at Village Ballroom.  5:30-7:30. I too am volunteering my time. I will provide the makeup/tissues/soap and sanitizing spray.The volunteer would just need to bring brushes and a tall chair.

As a thank you, I will buy her dinner and a drink!

Thanks,  Sara

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