Character film makeup artist

This is a great opportunity to get on set experience in a safe learning environment working with film students.  You can build your resume, portfolio and reel with student projects and make great connections.  I highly recommend this to those of you needing experience. If you are intersted let me know and I’ll email you the script. Here is the info:

Hi there!

Here is all the info for the makeup job I have this weekend. 

Dates and times:

March 23rd call time 5:45am, wrap 10:30. Location is in Rhododendron.

March 24th call time 5pm wrap 12am. Location is in Gresham.

March 25th, at 6pm. Location in Gresham. This day is only if we need to do pickup shots, so wrap time depends on how much we get done the day before. 


I will cover gas, meals, and can offer $25 a day to cover the kit fee.

About the project:

It is for a Mt. Hood Community College student project, and it will be a really good opportunity to show a versatile skill set for a resume.

Short synopsis of the film is:

Aggie’s little brother is sick and doesnt have much time left. In a desperate attempt to save his life she is offered help from a witch that lives deep in the woods, but her help comes with a high price.

My contact info:

Mae Bishop


Text, call, or email is all fine. I respond quickly on all platforms.

I also have included some sketches I’ve done and a copy of my script. You can let me know if there is anything else I might need to include.

Thank you very much!

Mae Bishop

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