Beauty makeup


I am a women’s photographer here in Portland. On July 15th, I am doing a boudoir marathon at Hotel deLuxe in downtown Portland. I will be photographing 5 women throughout the day. 

Normally i do the makeup for my photography, but with 5 women, it’s a bit much for me. So, therefore, I am reaching out to the school in the hopes maybe there are some amazing students that would like a fun day and some images for portfolio use. 

As much as I would like to compensate prior to the shoot, I am unable. This is a model call, and between that and the cost of the hotel, I potentially may not make much. However, I am totally willing to offer a percentage of any profits I do make and obviously give digital images and credit. 

The day would start at 8am and go till 430pm for the MUA.There would be 5 women and each would get a 30 minute makeup session.  There would be a good 1-1.5 hours of down time between each client for the MUA as well. 

Also, to ease cost, I have my own makeup kit and supplies that the MUA could use.

I would love your help in reaching out to the students. And please feel free to share my contact information and website,

Arkady Brown


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