Subject: BOTB Deadline Reminder!

 If you graduated a year or less ago, you are eligible to enter the highly regarded Battle of the Brushes competition at IMATS! There’s one coming up in Jan in L.A. If you’ve never been to IMATS I highly recommend you go if possible and if you have the skills to enter the competition, you should go for it! Here’s an email from the director:

Hello! Just a friendly reminder that the Battle of the Brushes deadline for LA is rapidly approaching. Any student that wishes to enter the competition will need to have their portfolios to us by the end of the week (DECEMBER 14)! Yikes! Please pass on this info to your students. Entry forms and more information on the competition can be found HERE


Good luck to everyone! 

Annika Darling 

Online Editor & Director/Battle of the Brushes

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