Sugarskull makeup

This paid job request just came in last minute.  Please read below and follow up directly with Melanie if you are available.  She’ll pay up to $50.  See reference image below.  If you do any fun makeups tonight – send me your pics!

Happy Halloween – Celena


I would like to have my face made up for a Halloween party.  I’m interested in a Day of the Dead sugar skull look.  I’m thinking that I would like it to be pretty light because I tend to itch if there’s too much on there.  I’m not allergic to anything, though.   The party I’m going to is in North Portland at 8:00.  I live downtown (west) Vancouver, so I ‘d like to have it done as close to downtown Vancouver as possible, around 6:30ish?


Melanie Florek 360-903-6973


Halloween Job reference pic

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