Film makeup needed

From the director:


I’m producing and directing a short film, and am looking for someone who can handle hair and makeup duties.  If you only do makeup, we can still talk.

Shoot days are September 24 and 25.

We’re shooting in the Alberta Arts district.

Two actors:  One woman, an elementary school teacher from Medina, Ohio.

And one man, a scruffy, uncouth St. Peter type who probably spent his time on earth in Secaucus, NJ.  Probably in a bowling league.

The piece is titled, Paradise Proper.  The idea of the film is that, for some people, the suburbs are Heaven.  But what if you got to Heaven and discovered that it was just like the suburbs? This is the story of a young girl who arrives in Heaven to find the place a lot cheesier than she was ever led to believe.

We’re working mainly with volunteers on this low budget production.  But I can come up with $150 for the weekend.

Interested parties can respond to this email, or call (857) 204-7018

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