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Hair Styling for Makeup Artists Course

Hair Styling for Production & Media – 24 clock hours

No experience necessary

Many photo shoots and productions include expectations of both makeup and hair styling services. This course covers everything a makeup artist needs to know about the basic fundamentals of hair styling, to more elaborate and challenging hair styles. Overview and topics covered: Safety, blow drying, backcombing, use of velcro rollers, hot irons for straight and curled styles, pony tails, braiding, current trends in editorial styles, avant-garde styles, updos, pin curls, men’s grooming, and decade styles from the 20’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Products for men and women are reviewed, as well as work expectations and requirements on set or on location in a professional setting.

Kit needed:

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“Thank you for sharing your joy, passion, heart, knowledge, and experience with us. I couldn't of asked for a better teacher. It has been a pleasure to learn from you. I am so grateful for you Celena!!”
~Chloe M.

Course Highlights

  • Course available for individual enrollment
  • Course includes high res studio pictures from our portrait studio for portfolio building and documentation
  • Certificate of Training issued upon completion of a course


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