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Schedule & Hours

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Certificate Programs

The Master Class

175 clock hours / 7-Weeks

Jan 2-Feb 15 Day Schedule
March 3-April 21 Weekend/Evening Schedule
May 7-June 21 Day Schedule
Sept 4-Oct 18 Day Schedule
Sept 8-Oct 24 Weekend/Evening Schedule

Character & Special FX Makeup

207 clock hours / 7-Weeks

June 25-Aug 10 Day Schedule
Oct 22-Dec 9 Day Schedule

For more info on our SFX program hop on over to our FX site for detailed program scheduling and other relevant info.

A fashion photo shoot day is scheduled for all Certificate Programs.

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Fashion Makeup Artistry

127 clock hours / 5-Weeks

Jan 2- Feb 3 Day Schedule
March 3-April 21 Weekend/Evening Schedule
May 7- June 9 Day Schedule
Sept 4-Oct 6 Day Schedule
Sept 8-Oct 13 Weekend/Evening Schedule

Multimedia Master Makeup Artist

382 clock hours / 14-Weeks (includes both The Master Class & Character & Special FX Makeup).

May 7-Aug 10 Day Schedule
4-Dec 9 Day Schedule

Please contact us if you are interested in customizing a MMMA program in a schedule that is convenient for you. The MMMA program may be split by taking The Master Class program and Character & Special FX program in any order or at different times of the year.

Individual Courses

Corrective Beauty

24 clock hours

Jan 2-5 Day Schedule (Tue-Fri / closed New Years)
March 3-7 Weekend/Evening Schedule
May 7-10 Day Schedule
Sept 4-7 Day Schedule (Tue-Fri / closed Labor Day)
Sept 8-12 Weekend/Evening Schedule


24 clock hours

Jan 8-11 Day Schedule
March 10-14 Weekend/Evening Schedule
May 14-17 Day Schedule
Sept 10-13 Day Schedule
Sept 15-19 Weekend/Evening Schedule


24 clock hours

Jan 15-18 Day Schedule
March 17-21 Weekend/Evening Schedule
May 21-24 Day Schedule
Sept 17-20 Day Schedule
Sept 22-26 Weekend/Evening Schedule


24 clock hours

Jan 22-25 Day Schedule
March 24-28 Weekend/Evening Schedule
May 29-June 1 Day Schedule (Tue-Fri closed Memorial Day)
Sept 24-27 Day Schedule
Sept 29-Oct 3 Weekend/Evening Schedule

Airbrush Makeup

24 clock hours for Certificate Program Students
As an individual course the first half: Beginning/Beauty Airbrush I (12 clock hours) and the second half: Face & Body Painting Airbrush II (12 clock hours) can be taken separately or together as the full 24 clock hour Course. Select preferred airbrush option on Application Form.

Jan 29-Feb 1 Day Schedule
March 30-31 & April 2-5 Weekend/Evening Schedule (closed Easter Sunday)
June 4-7 Day Schedule
Oct 1-4 Day Schedule
Oct 6-10 Weekend/Evening Schedule

Out of the Kit FX (Special Effects Makeup)

24 clock hours

Feb 5-8 Day Schedule
April 7-11 Weekend/Evening Schedule
June 11-14 Day Schedule
Oct 8-11 Day Schedule
Oct 13-17 Weekend/Evening Schedule


24 clock hours

Feb 12-15 Day Schedule
April 14-18 Weekend/Evening Schedule
June 18-21 Day Schedule
Oct 15-18 Day Schedule
Oct 20-24 Weekend/Evening Schedule

Career Marketing

3 clock hours
*Available to Certificate Program students only. Hours TBA.

Jan 30-Feb 1 Day Sched. Students 5p-6p
March 23 (Fri) W/E Sched. Students 6:30p-9:30p
June 5-7 Day Sched. Students 5p-6p
Oct 2-4 Day Sched. Students 5p-6p
Oct 11 (Thurs) W/E Sched. Students 6:30p-9:30p

Fashion Photo Shoot Day

4 clock hours
*Available to Art of Makeup Master Class students only. Hours TBA.

Feb 3 Day Sched. Students (hours TBD)
April 21 (hours TBD)
June 9 Day Sched. Students (hours TBD)
Oct 6 Day Sched. Students (hours TBD)
Oct 27 W/E Sched. Students (hours TBD)


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Hours (Certificate Programs & Courses)

Day schedule

Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) 10:00am-5:00pm
Character & Special FX only (Mon-Friday) 10:00am-5:00pm

Weekend/Evening schedule

Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-5:30pm AND
Weekday Evenings (Mon-Wed) 6:30pm-10:00pm

*Schedule subject to change without notice. There are a few holiday exceptions to the schedule. Be sure to sign up for our mailing list and follow us on facebook and instagram to receive important updates and new class announcements. Specialty Class hours are as indicated below and are not subject to Enrollment Agreements.

The Art of Makeup reserves the right to cancel or reschedule classes due to minimum enrollment requirements.

Specialty Classes

Advanced Bridal Hairstyling


Bridal Makeup & Marketing

Sept 9, 2018 (Sunday 9:00am-6:00pm)

Crystal Wright: Marketing for Hair and Makeup Artists

July 8, 2018 (Sunday) 12-3pm

COSPLAY! Makeup, Wig Styling & Costume Fabrication

5-day workshop
June 18-22, 2018 (Mon-Fri 10am-5pm)

Drag Makeup


Drag KING Makeup


Halloween Horror Makeup

Sept 29, 2018 (Saturday 10am-5pm)

More specialty classes TBA! Make sure you are on our mailing list and like our Facebook page for future announcements. Email us if you have ideas for a class you would like to see!

Sculpting the Human Face

13 hours / 3-days

April 5-6 Thurs-Fri 6:30pm-10pm AND April 7 Saturday 10am – 5pm

Summer Makeup Camp

21 hours / 4-days
July 23-26, 2018 (Mon-Thur 10am-4pm)
Aug 6-9, 2018 (Mon-Thur 10am-4pm)

UV Body Painting


Zombie Night! Makeup After Dark

Oct 20, 2018 (Saturday 3pm-10pm)

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